Favourite Spring Trends

Although we all absolutely adore our snuggly and heavy winter knits and cosy winter boots, after 6 or so months of wearing them, we are ready to once again embrace the better weather and longer days with some pretty spring fashion that really feels like it is setting us free! No more having to cover up our gorgeous outfits with a heavy wind and waterproof coat, or wearing thermal tights on a night out, now is the time to start wearing lighter and brighter colours and revealing a bit more skin to the world. Usually at spring time, trends tend to somewhat mimic the lovely colours that are starting to appear in nature – pretty pastels, floral shades and natural hues are all perfect for creating the perfect spring time look that will let you ease into summer in style. If you are lacking a bit of inspiration as to what to wear this spring, then read on to find out some favourite spring trends.

Coloured Skinny Jeans

In winter thanks to the somewhat inhospitable weather, we often find ourselves wearing our darkest jeans that will hide mud splatters as well as getting soaked by the rain, but come springtime you can really afford to start wearing lighter and more eye-catching shades. Coloured skinny jeans are the perfect transition piece to wear whilst the spring sun is starting to shine but when the temperature is still not quite warm enough to brave it and wear legs. And the great thing about these jeans are that they are so chic, can be really flattering and you can chose the colour that best suits your style. If you are a girly girl, then pink will be perfect for you; pair it with grey to really make the colour pop. Or how about mint green, sky blue, lemon yellow or even lilac? The high street really does offer a great range of coloured jeans at this time of the year for great prices, so get out there and start shopping!


It is simply impossible to talk about spring fashions without mentioning one of its most important trends of all – floral patterns. Fashion loves to mimic nature and floral designs and motifs have to be one of the most enduringly popular trends in the fashion world. For springtime, avoid the more bold and tropical prints which are more appropriate in the height of summer, and instead opt for daintier designs that are quintessentially British. Liberty prints are a good place to start with their pretty pastel colours, crisp backgrounds and delicate elegance. Once again the high street tends to offer a great range of gorgeous floral prints that will suit you and your style. Shirts, skirts and t-shirts are a great place to start, especially if you are not so used to wearing patterned clothing. If you are feeling a bit bolder, then a long-sleeved dress is the perfect spring piece, or even some stunning floral jeans. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your floral pieces too!

It’s easy to freshen up your wardrobe for spring, so it is a good time to visit the shops to get some inspiration.

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