Perfect Spring Shoes

Perfect Spring Shoes

Having spent winter clumping round in our heavy winter boots, or only wearing dark coloured shoes to avoid having them look grubby thanks to all of the dirt and mud around, spring is the time to start dreaming of more summery shoes that will set off our outfits perfectly. We no longer have to think quite so carefully about how practical the shoe is and if it will keep our feet warm enough, so it is refreshing to finally be able to wear our lighter and daintier shoes.

Just like with your wardrobe and as we mentioned here, spring is the perfect time to update your shoe collection. You can get your winter boots re-heeled and polished and put them away until the autumn, it is now the time to let your feet get some air. Treat yourself to a pedicure, dig out your sockettes and start looking at some of the gorgeous shoes that are on sale this springtime. Find out about our favourite picks right here.

A pair of boat shoes are a good investment to make in early spring, since you can break them in and wear them right through until at least the end of September. The classic silhouette looks great with jeans, dresses, skirts and even shorts and can be worn both in the city and in more relaxed settings. For a relaxed preppy look, get a pair that you can wear at work and on the weekends. The above pair is perfect for the unpredictable British climate, since they are actually made from rubber and are completely waterproof meaning there’s no worry of ruined suede. This pair is actually made by Crocs who in the last year or so and have started to make fashion forward designs that look more like shoes and less like clogs, as the above pair prove.

It is undeniably true that we are fans of our traditional slip on tennis shoes, and that when it comes to summer pumps we love the designs for Converse with their different motifs, colours and styles. This year for a more feminine take on the traditional Converse trainer, why not buy a pair of these dainty pumps? With the unmistakable Converse design and the rubber capped toe, you can choose from a wide range of colours for a pump that will look great with basically anything and everything in your wardrobe this summer.

Finally, for a bold statement for your feet, a gorgeous pair of ostentatious sandals is just the thing, and this pair from River Island is absolutely perfect. These sandals pretty much have everything from intricate beading, bright jewel colours, pompoms and lacing, and they really a statement piece for when you want to get noticed. Dress them down with a pair of blue jeans, or dress them up with a boldly patterned sun dress; these sandals will look great anywhere and are sure to make people’s heads turn whether you are at the beach or at the supermarket!

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